Jeffrey W. Salinger


Jeff Salinger is an accomplished senior executive drawing on more than 40 years of experience in finance, marketing, technology, operations, and strategic acquisitions and alliances. Over his career, his responsibilities have included manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales, technology and systems development, product development, advertising, direct mail, digital outreach, research, retail loan operations, and customer service. As a CEO and COO, he has had direct responsibility for hundreds of employees and multi-million-dollar annual operating budgets, has served as a board director for numerous firms, and assisted many business start-ups.

  • Managed a venture capital fund focusing on green, environmentally progressive investments
  • Directed portfolio company growth leading to highly successful company exits
  • Invested in and took operating roles in multiple turn-around companies
  • Led acquisition, financing, and divestiture activity for a variety of firms
  • Provided consulting assistance to private companies and not-for-profit organizations
  • Helped build a government-sponsored enterprise into an industry-leading Fortune 100 firm
  • Owns and directs several small companies in manufacturing and real estate
  • Holds Bachelor of Science in Finance and Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland